Virtualization refers to creation of IT resources logically, which does not exist physically. In simple words,it is the creation of a virtual version of the physical infrastructure such as network resources, hardware,storage, server, or operating system. Using specific software, virtualization allows a piece of hardware to run multiple operating system images at once. This proven technology prevents wasted processing power while removing the dependency on a given hardware platform.

Virtualization in all of its forms—client, server, application, network, and storage—provides enormous advantages to organizations of all sizes, but it also dramatically changes the way IT resources are managed and deployed and how decisions are made. It enables your infrastructure to become simpler and more efficient. Tiny World Technologies virtualization solutions provide unmatched flexibility, performance, and utilization by allowing you to move server workloads from one virtual workspace to the next, maximizing server resources on the go based on your business needs. We partner with the industry’s leading virtualization vendors to provide a more customized virtualization solution that saves you money and increases productivity.